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Behind the scenes with Block Aid UK

June 6, 2014
Concrete Test Weights for Cranes

As mentioned in a recent Blog post, we have been busy creating our biggest Test Weights to ever.

Our customer on this occasion was GGR, who hires out small ‘Crawler’ cranes, which are capable of lifting up to 10 tonnes and ideal for when there is limited space or access available.

Block Aid’s galvanised carcasses are filled with concrete to the specified weight, and then independently certified within a 2% tolerance. This method of manufacture has two huge benefits: it allows the Weights to be made at a fraction of the price of the solid steel option, and renders them highly unappealing to metal thieves.

The pictures below show two pyramid stacks of 10 tonnes, each made up of a 5 tonne, 3 tonne and 2 tonne Test Weight. We have the capacity for even larger Test Weights, and we are always up for a challenge..!

test Weights for Cranes - Block Aid UK