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Behind the scenes with Block Aid UK

February 21, 2017
Heras Fencing in Milton Keynes

As is the case in most towns and cities, parking is often limited and comes at a premium price.

This also means that any significant, unguarded land space can quickly become a car park! This is particularly relevant to owners of commercial buildings because there’s often areas of open land or employee parking that are temporarily empty, prior to an upcoming development.

This was the case recently when a local chartered surveyor required a solution to prevent vehicular access at a client’s site in Central Milton Keynes. Block Aid is actively providing Heras Fencing and frames nationwide, and it was decided Heras fencing would be the best option in this case – but, with a twist! We wanted to provide a solid and safe solution that would prevent the age-old problem of the fencing falling over and becoming dangerous.

This is where we came up with an innovative solution, by designing and manufacturing galvanised steel frames that could be used in conjunction with our 500 kg or 1000 kg concrete barriers (RDBs).

Our solution transformed the ‘standard’ installation.  Now, the Heras fencing is anchored firmly into place, oblivious to the highest of winds and providing a super-effective barrier to prevent vehicles or the public from accessing the site.