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Behind the scenes with Block Aid UK

April 18, 2018
Scaffold Kentledge Block from Block Aid

At Block Aid, we continue to bring fresh ideas and innovative new products to the clients and industries we support.

We are a long-established supplier of ballast weights to the events industry where our blocks are delivered and utilised in a number of different applications such as car parking, security, stage and structure support. And it’s our experience within in this sector inspired us to develop our latest product, the Block Aid Kentledge Ballast Block.

This Kentledge Block is designed predominantly for the scaffolding industry and, to ensure it would be absolutely fit for the purpose, it was developed and fully tested with assistance from a large scaffolding company.

At 500mm deep, our Kentledge Block measures 1m square and weighs 1000kg.  On each side of the block there are four exposed tube sections, which allow for a vertical fixing using a band and plate fitting.  The band and plates can be secured in both planes on top of the block as well, and there are two holes running through the block that will also accept tubing. Forklift pockets in the block allow for an easy and precise ‘load-out’, and the blocks are easily stackable. There are even custom white covers available if your project requires it. All these options mean virtually any configuration can be achieved quickly and easily.

We’re pleased and excited about the release of this multi-use, industry-leading Kentledge Block and are looking forward to seeing it put to work in a variety of situations.