Find Affordable Event Security Solutions

While the events industry has been put on-hold this year, the introduction of a vaccine should help put things back on track in 2021.

No matter what plans you might have in the year ahead, Block Aid UK Ltd can help everything go smoothly.

Whatever the size of your event, Block Aid UK Ltd has a range of equipment and services to keep your site safe and secure. With our rapid deployment services, our event security solutions can be delivered anytime, anywhere, for the best price.

Block Aid UK Ltd has a wide range of solutions to help any event go smoothly, including:

  • Access control
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HMV)
  • Transport protection
  • Signage or structure support

Our event support blocks, gates and equipment will protect any event from unwanted disruptions. Since we own all our blocks and equipment, there’s no need to deal with a middle-man.

Block Aid UK Ltd offer a complete fulfilment service, including delivery and installation of equipment like concrete blocks.

Our Rapid Deployment Blocks (RDBs) are perfect for preventing unauthorised access to your site and can be delivered whenever you need it. They can stand-alone or be used together, for both domestic and industrial solutions. All our blocks are constructed using responsibly sourced products.

If you’re searching for affordable event security solutions, simply get in touch today.