Looking To Hire Test Weights for Competitive Prices?

Block Aid UK Ltd provide concrete blocks, marquee weights and event security to clients across Britain and northern Europe.

With our quick and efficient services, you can have the equipment you need in the shortest time. Whether you need access prevention or deterrent, security control or support solutions, Block Aid UK Ltd has got you covered.

We have a range of blocks and weights available and will safely transport them to your site. With our services, there’s no middle man involved and you’ll only ever be dealing with professional and experienced staff.

Our independently certified test weights are perfect for all aspects of load testing, including LOLER and PUWER inspections.

Designed to be securely stacked for extra weight, each and everyone is fabricated in-house by our team. Since these test weights have no scrap value, they won’t be attractive to thieves.

We also have concrete-filled steel box constructions which are provided on a sale-only basis and are made specifically to the customer specifications. They are therefore more bespoke than the concrete ones.

Whether you need a single block or several, Block Aid UK work on both big and small projects throughout the UK.

If you’re looking to hire our test weights, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.