Rapid Deployment On Concrete Barrier Blocks

Nothing says ‘stop right there’ more than a concrete block. Perfect for deterring vehicles from entering unsuitable space. They are also excellent for providing support to structures commonly used in the events industry.

Specialising in concrete barrier and ballast hire, Block Aid UK Ltd has a great choice of blocks available.

Along with concrete blocks, we also have marquee weights, gates and fencing, test weights and Kentledge blocks. Our event services also include Hostile Vehicle mitigation (HVM), perimeter security & traffic segregation.

If you need multiple concrete blocks, our concrete Kentledge blocks are unique and highly adaptable. Used in a variety of scenarios and applications, they can easily be positioned with a standard forklift. Why not check out our installation gallery to see what we can achieve?

You can read all the specifications for our concrete barrier blocks on our website.

We can deliver anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to our HIAB crane trucks, JCBs and Moffett trucks, we can service virtually any on or off-road terrain and place the blocks to suit your requirements. Whatever the scale of your event, our products are available for highly competitive prices.

Want to know more? Our team is always happy to answer any questions you have about our blocks, weights or services.

If you need rapid deployment on concrete barrier blocks, contact our team today.