Case Studies - here's a few things we've been up to recently...

Unauthorised Access Protection // Manchester

Project: Supply 2 RDB XL as additional protection against unauthorised visitors.

Responding to a call on a Thursday afternoon requesting 2 of our RDB XL concrete barriers to be delivered ASAP to a site in Manchester, we had both blocks in place the following day. 

Our RDB XL blocks weigh 5000kg and are over 4 meters in length, so have excellent deterrent benefits! Perfect for large gateways, shutter doors, vacant properties and so much more, they were a great fit for this type of job. We linked our barriers together to add extra strength, which can be done leaving no visible sign from the outside. Finally, we positioned them behind the existing bollards to further deter tampering.  

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Car Park Protection // Kettering

Protect: empty car park against unauthorised access using RDB MKI concrete barriers.

A customer called us Friday morning with an urgent request for eight of our MKI concrete barriers to prevent unauthorised access to an un-used car park.

We arrived on-site that afternoon and deployed our MKI barriers according to the customer’s instructions. Our MKI RDB’s are 2.5m long and weigh 2, 250kg and can also link together to form a super-strong single barrier.

Customers words: “You have been brilliant!  Thanks for pulling this one off for us”

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Entrance Security // London

Project: Add extra protection to shutter doors

We were requested by our customer to supply 2 of our MKI RDB’s to a vacant commercial property in London, who wanted additional protection to secure their roller shutter door.

Our RDBs are a great fit for this type of job. We linked our barriers together to add extra strength and placed them behind the existing bollards as further deterrent against tampering.

Our MKI RDB’s weigh 2250kg and are 2.5m wide, linking together using a hook and eye system.

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Weigh down a temporary structure // London

Project: Temporary Building Weights / London

We were requested by our customer to supply 4 of our 1000kg ballast weight to secure a temporary building, along with white straps and covers.

We can provide ballast for any temporary structure and our marquee weights range from 50kg – 5000kg.

Customers words ‘Many thanks to you and the team for your help with this project. Absolutely spot-on as ever!

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Commercial Property Protection // Mitcham

Project: Additional support for gate security

Our customer asked us to deploy 2 of our MKI concrete blocks to be used in conjunction with their existing security gate to provide added security against unauthorised access.

The MKI concrete security barriers are 2.5m wide and weigh 2250kg. The can be linked together using a bracket at each end of the barriers or they can stand alone.

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Warehouse Protection // Lutterworth

Project: Protect newly-built warehouse buildings whilst maintaining daily access

We were asked by our customer to visit site, measure up and suggest what would be most suitable to secure the newly-built warehouse from unauthorised visitors, whilst maintaining daily access for workforce and potential buyers. Within two days of measuring we were back on site deploying large sliding and two of our MKII RDBs to block the pavement. We even received a nice Testimonial from the client..!

“I have been using Block Aid’s services since 2018 and found them to be excellent across every aspect of their business. They fully understand the pressures we are up against in terms of time and urgency. They are a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend.”

Our sliding gates are produced using galvanised steel and are bolted and welded to the RDB barrier of your choice. Check out our ranges here: Concrete Block Hire //  Security Gates

Vacant Warehouse Protection // Manchester

Project: Prevent unauthorised access to a vacant property

Working alongside a security company we were asked to deploy one of our RDB XL barriers to deter unauthorised access to this vacant unit.

Our RDB XL barriers are a serious block! Weighing 5000kg and at over 4m long, they must be deployed using our HIAB lorry. Despite their size and weight, the RDB XL has some great benefits such as a unique linking system and hidden forklift pockets, which are not visible from the front to prevent tampering.

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Block Aid Case Study 6
Block Aid Case Study 1

Warehouse Access Prevention // Middlesex

Project: Deploy MKII RDBs to newly-built warehouses

Working with a security company, Block Aid was asked to deploy forty of our MKII concrete blocks to newly-built warehouse premises in Middlesex.

Our MKII blocks were used as an extra deterrent along with their bollards to add protection from unauthorised visitors. To further secure the MKII blocks we linked them together using our unique, custom made, tamper-resistant bolts and fixings.

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Sliding Security Gate Setup // Wolverhampton

Project: Flexible access solution using a sliding gate and concrete block combo 

Block Aid was asked by our customer to deploy our 5m sliding security-gate to provide a deterrent against unauthorised access, whilst not hindering day to day access during working hours.

Our sliding security gates can be used in conjunction with either our MKI or MKII barriers to provide a strong but flexible access system. The gates are bolted and then welded to give an extra precaution against tampering.

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Block Aid Case Study 5
Block Aid Case Study 4

Swing Gate Install // Birmingham

ProjectAccess control using a swing gate and concrete-block combo

We were asked by our customer to deploy our large swing-style security gate in conjunction with our MKII barrier in order to provide an extra deterrent against unauthorised access.

As space either side was tight, we made the decision to position the brackets and barriers at a right angle from the gate itself. The brackets on our swing gates can be angled in many directions depending on specific sites, and this proved a useful innovation for this install.

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Access Deterrent Blocks // Leamington Spa

Project: Protection for vacant property

Working with a security company Block Aid was asked to deploy two of our MKII barriers to be used alongside their security gate as a deterrent against unauthorised access at a vacant property.

Our MKII barriers were linked together using out unique custom-made linking system to prevent tampering and provide fast and extra robust on-site security.

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Block Aid Case Study 3
Block Aid Case Study 2

Ballast for 'Pub in the Park' // St Albans

Project: Marquee and Signage ballast for an outdoor event

Working with an events company, we were asked to deploy ballast used as marquee weights for a Pub in the Par event, and some additional ballast to use alongside scaffold poles to create and support signage.

Our 1000kg Multi-Blocks are a multifunctional kentledge block that is adaptable and effective in a variety of scenarios, such as event signage, flag poles and structure support.

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