Fully licenced security guards for bespoke security solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


Manned guarding offers a highly-visible presence that maximises on-site security

Block-Aid UK partners with an industry-leading guarding company to provide predominantly Ex-Ghurkha guards to retain a robust 24-hour presence and protection of your site and property. Generally, this can be achieved in two ways:

The Resident Regime

A team of security guards who are accommodated on-site and rotate their cover to ensure shorter shifts and close teamwork, providing cost-effective 24-hour cover and immediate support to one another as and when needed, in case of any incident or emergency. This is commonly adopted for vacant properties to prevent unauthorised access or criminal damage. 

Manned Guarding

Regular Manned Guarding uses a team of guards who work in regular shift patterns to provide an effective 24-hour presence. This method is commonly used for busier sites with a higher flow of visitors or general traffic.

Features & Benefits


Manned guarding security services are perfect for vacant property or remote premises that are at risk of theft, criminal damage, trespassing, or even an arson attack.

A manned guarding service can help to reduce insurance costs and ensure your assets are protected 24 hours a day.

All of our security officers are fully trained and licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and are experts at securing and protecting a site from unauthorised access and damage.