Concrete barrier hire is a fast, effective way to secure and protect against unauthorised access. Block Aid provides several sizes of concrete barriers, each constructed using responsibly sourced materials.


Concrete barrier hire for access deterrent, security control, protection and support - all delivered when and where you need it

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Our unique range of vehicle and equipment means we can deliver our concrete barriers almost anywhere.


Our concrete Rapid Deployment Blocks are available in MKI and MKII versions.

Common Questions

Frequently asked questions about our concrete barrier blocks, delivery and related services.

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See our blocks in action below! We have completed hundreds of successful UK installations.

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From a single block to a national event, you can rely on our experience and facilities to deliver anywhere in the UK.


Concrete Rapid Deployment Block (RDB) Specifications

MKI concrete barriers weigh approx 2250KG each. They are 2.5m wide, and can be linked together using the bracket at the end of each block, which holds the blocks together to form a solid barrier.

MKII concrete barriers weigh approx 2400KG each. They are 3m wide and can be linked together using bespoke security nuts. Assembly and removal require a specialised tool that is exclusive to Block Aid UK.

RDB XL concrete barriers weigh approx 5000KG each. They feature our unique linking system, a solution developed to join the barriers together without any visible sign from outside.


Our concrete barriers weigh between 2250 kg and 5000 kg, depending on the size of the barrier you need. 

Our MKI barrier blocks weigh approximately 2250 kg each, the MKII barrier blocks weigh approximately 2400 kg each, and the RDB XL barrier blocks weigh approximately 5000 kg each.

We offer a fast and reliable delivery service, day and night. Please contact us for more information.

This depends on your preference and needs, such as whether you would like the barriers joined together in a continuous line, or spaced apart. For example, if you have a 15-metre frontage that you would like to protect and you’d like the concrete blocks to be secured together, you would need 6 x MKI RDBs or 5 x MKII RDBs.

To work out how many concrete barriers you need, measure the area you wish to protect and divide it by the length of the blocks you’d like to use.

Our MKI barrier blocks are 2.5m wide and can be linked using the bracket at the end of each block, which holds the blocks together to form a solid barrier.

Our MKII barrier blocks are 3m wide and can be locked together using bespoke security nuts. Assembly and removal requires a specialised tool that is exclusive to Block Aid UK.

We have three sizes of deterrent blocks.

Our MKI RDBs is 2,500mm x 500mm x 750mm (length x width x height) and weigh approximately 2,250kg.

Our MKII RDBs is 2,996mm x 450mm x 750mm (length x width x height) and weigh approximately 2,400kg.

Our RDB XL is 4250 x 700 x 750MM (length x width x height) and weighs approximately 5,000kg.

Our range of sizes are as follows, shown in mm as Length x Width x Height:

  • 50kg 350 x 350 x 175mm | 100kg 800 x 265 x 250mm | 200kg 800 x 350 x 350mm | 500kg 800 x 440 x 650mm
  • 1000kg 1170 x 500 x 750mm  | 1000kg Multi block 1000 x 1000 x 500mm | 1500kg 1750 x 500 x 750mm
  • 2250kg (RDB MKI) 2500 x 500 x 750mm | 2400kg (RDB MKII) 3000 x 450 x 750mm
  • 3000kg 1300 x 1000 x 1000mm
  • 5000kg (RB XL) 4250 x 700 x 750mm

If the customer can unload the vehicle at site, we can deliver a maximum weight of 27,000 KG on a single artic lorry. This equates to 12 x MKI RDBs or 11 x MKII RDB’s.

If Block Aid unload the concrete blocks at site we can carry 22,000 KG, which equates to 10 x MKI RDBs or 9 MKII RDBs. This load may be reduced if the HIAB or a JCB is required.

As part of our concrete barrier hire service, our HIAB crane truck, JCBs or Moffett trucks can service virtually any on or off-road terrain and place the concrete blocks to suit your requirements. You will need to be the land owner (or acting agent) and the blocks cannot restrict access to any public rights of way).

It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure the site is accessible to the vehicles requested.

For ongoing or regular access we can install a lockable, slidable gate in between two of our concrete barriers.

For one-off or ad-hoc occasions, we can attend the site and move the concrete barriers to allow for access and replace them once the works are complete. This is charged at a pre-agreed rate.

Our concrete barriers will be collected from the point of delivery at the end of the hire period.

Although most people use the terms interchangeably, cement is actually an ingredient of concrete, so the two aren’t technically the same thing.

Our precast concrete barriers are perfect for a number of uses, including:

  • Perimeter Security
  • Event Management
  • Construction Site Security
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
  • Site Boundary Protection
  • Parking Management
  • Gateway Security
  • Farm Security
  • Vacant Property Protection
  • Traffic Management
  • Fly Tipping Deterrent

The interlocking concrete blocks (Rapid Deployment Block) design, with tamper-proof bolts and fixings, means that all of our barriers are perfectly safe once assembled and installed on-site.