Our multi-block is a versatile,  multifunctional Kentledge block that is effective in a variety of scenarios and applications.


The versatile and multipurpose Kentledge block.

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Our unique range of vehicle and equipment means we can deliver almost anywhere - on any terrain.


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Kentledge Multi Block - Size & Specification

Our Kentledge Multi Block is only available in one size and weight: 1000KG and measuring 1000 x 1000 x 500mm

Sizes available as Marquee Weights..

50KG - 350 x 350 x 175mm

1500KG - 1750 x 500 x 750mm

100KG - 800 x 265 x 250mm

2400KG - 3000 x 450 x 750mm (RDB MKII)

200KG - 800 x 350 x 350mm

2250KG - 2500 x 500 x 750mm (RDB MKI)

500KG - 800 x 440 x 650mm

3000KG - 1300 x 1000 x 1000mm

1000KG - 1170 x 500 x 750mm

5000KG - 4250 x 700 x 750mm (RDB XL)


We offer a fast and reliable delivery service, day and night. Please contact us for more information.

This is one of our most commonly asked questions. Here’s how to find out…

Begin with the manufacturer (or supplier) of your marquee or temporary structure, who will have a recommended ‘safe weight per leg’ calculation for their structure. However, advise should be sought from your site or event’s structural engineer.

Once you have an idea of the weight required for each support point, we can advise you of the best combination of weights to fulfil that requirement. When considering this, it is also sensible to consider the location and weather forecast too, just in case!

If the customer can unload the vehicle at site, we can deliver a maximum weight of 27,000 KG on a single artic lorry. This equates to approximately:

  • 135 x 200KG ballast blocks
  • 54 x 500KG ballast blocks
  • 27 x 1000KG ballast blocks

If Block Aid unload the blocks at site we can carry 22,000 KG, which equates to approximately:

  • 110 x 200KG ballast blocks
  • 44 x 500KG ballast blocks
  • 22 x 1000KG ballast blocks

This load may be reduced if the HIAB or a JCB is required. 

Our driver will supply you with one of our specially made pump trucks to move the ballast blocks into their final positions.

Yes! We can supply black or white covers for our blocks from the 100kg size through to and including the 1000kg ballast block. We also have white covers for our 1000kg Kentledge Multi block.

Yes, we can supply black or white straps, which are 3 metres long.

Blocks will be collected from the point of delivery at the end of the hire period.