Construction Site Security

Construction site security is fast, reliable and effective with Block Aid. We can provide fencing, concrete blocks and barriers to safely secure your vacant property/construction site using responsibly sourced materials.


Concrete blocks, barriers and fencing provide access deterrents, security control, protection and support - all delivered when and where you need it!

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Our unique range of vehicles and equipment allows us to deliver our concrete barriers, site fencing and blocks almost anywhere.


To see what our site security equipment can do for your property or construction project, see our case studies

Common Questions

Frequently asked questions about our construction site security equipment, delivery and related services can be found below.

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See our blocks, barriers and fencing in action below! We have completed hundreds of successful UK installations.

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From a single block to a national event, you can rely on our experience and facilities to deliver anywhere in the UK.



We offer several ways of securing your property. From concrete blocks in various sizes, to secure fencing and barriers. Get in touch and we’ll recommend the best site security options for your needs and create a tailored security solution for you.

We offer site security barriers in various sizes. We also offer site security gates as well. To learn more about the different barrier options Block Aid can provide, give us a call. We’ll ensure that your site is secure with our reliable start-to-finish service.

If you need to leave a property for any length of time, our concrete blocks, security fencing and barriers can be used to make the site secure while you’re away. The site could be a stopped development project or a vacant property. No matter why the site is vacant, we have an easy and reliable way of keeping it secure.

We have a variety of site security fencing available. Many of our customers find that a tailored approach to their site security is needed to ensure that their site is as secure as possible. So, give us a call and we’ll let you know which security fencing is right for your property and deliver it when and where you need it.

We have a number of building site security solutions available. We can provide concrete blocks, barriers, fencing, gates and a great deal more. We offer customisable, easy and reliable ways of keeping building sites secure for the duration of a building project. Get in touch for a tailored security solution that can be delivered anywhere in the UK as soon as you need it!